Bachelor of Art

Bachelor of Art


BA Triple Major Programme is a three year rigorous programme spanning over six semesters. It follows triple major system wherein students study Journalism, Sociology & Political Science. In order to stand out in today’s world, these programmes are structured to not merely make students well versed in technicalities, execution of practical outcomes and generation of ideas but also to gain proficiency in each subject and further pursue career of their choice. Graduates of this degree will be able to demonstrate their skills in all the three subjects of the combination. The Curriculum and Extracurricular activities are designed in a way to ensure that the students receive a holistic understanding through the curriculum.


The department of Journalism equips the students to learn the skills required to win the challenges of communication in the 21st century. The goal is to empower students with technological knowledge and trains them with skills required to communicate, which creates exciting career paths. The course enables students to explore the theories and applications of media in various situations. The academic programme is designed by Bangalore University in order to support creativity and young minds.


A systematic study of human being, culture, traditions, lifestyles and human bindings would be called Sociology. It is an interesting subject that throws light on various institutions that have evolved in the society such as marriage, family, village, town and all others. Anyone who studied these topics would gain much more knowledge about oneself in relationship with society.Political Science

Political science is a systematic study and presentation about another realm of institution which runs and maintains any state or country. Politics is part and parcel of human existence. People have the understanding that an order should be followed for peaceful existence & Political bodies are expected to do this job. Knowledge of political order is an added advantage for any student.

Admission requirements

The applicants should have passed 10+2 / XII Standard / PUC or equivalent thereto as prescribed by the Bangalore University.

Karnataka Students

  1. Class X or SSLC Marks Card
  2. PUC or +2 or class XII or Equivalent Marks Card
  3. TC (Transfer Certificate)
  4. Passport size photographs in formal dress 06 no.s
  5. Caste Certificate and Income Certificate  if applicable
  6. Aadhar Card Photocopy


Non – Karnataka Students 

  1. Class X or SSLC Marks Card
  2. PUC or +2 or class XII or Equivalent Marks Card (I & II Year)
  3. TC (Transfer Certificate)
  4. Migration Certificate
  5. Passport size photographs in formal dress 06 no.s
  6. Caste Certificate and Income Certificate  if applicable
  7. Aadhar Card Photocopy


Foreign Students

  1. Marks Statements of respective country equivalent to higher Secondary
  2. Testimonials
  3. Conduct Certificate from the Head of the institution last attended.
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Residential Certificate from their country.
  6. Provisional Eligibility Certificate
  7. Valid Student Visa
  8. Copy of Passport attested by Gazetted Officer.
  9. Passport size photographs in formal dress 10 no.s


Admission without the submission of original certificates will only be provisional.

Incomplete Application will not be processed

  1. The applicant should be personally present for Admission along with the Parent/ Guardian.
  2. The Candidate should satisfy all the other conditions set by Bangalore University. 
  3. After the counselling/ Interview, the candidate selected shall be enrolled after the payment of fee as per the fee structure. Final admission is subject to the University’s approval.
  4.  No transfer from one discipline to any other is permitted.
  • Conditions Pertaining to submission of documents
    1. At the time of admission, candidate must submit all the original documents, copies and other relevant documents as well as a hard copy of the completed application form.
    2. Students should ensure that they keep a photocopy of the documents for themselves before submitting the same to the Academic department.
    3. The original documents submitted will be returned to the students only after the end of the programme.
  • Contact for further queries
  • University Registration and Semester Exams to be paid extra as per the University regulations
  • Students outside of Karnataka PU Board will be charged Rs. 12,000/- extra as Non-Karnataka Fees
  • NRI Students will be charged Rs. 30,000/- extra as NRI Fees 


Bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor of Art.


The education is provided by the Political Science, Sociology and Journalism.

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